Why am I so clever?

Sometimes names reflect something of what they designate. For instance, while's there's no "I" in "team," "teamwork" has an "ewok".

Other times, things have really inappropriate handles. Take fundamentalism. It needs a better name.

Regardless if it's Christian, Islamic, Jewish or whatever, fundamentalists tend to discourage a lot of human activities. No fornicating, no drunkenness, no gluttony, no sinning at all! (Unless, of course, it's done in God's name.) Fundamentalism is anything but "fun". It'd be a little more appropriate to call it "damentalism".

On second thought, that won't do either. These people tend not to be big on a lot of other things too: independent thinking, science, logical argumentation... pretty much the entire life of the mind. I'd say "mental" has no business being in that word.

That leaves us with just "da" and "ism". Hmm... maybe that's not so bad. Considering that "da" is a bastardized version of "the"--as in, say, "you da man!"-- it's not in the least bit surprising that "daism" would be a dumbed down "theism".

Henceforth, let these religious extremists be known as "daists", and their crackpot ideology as "daism". With its pronunciation, i.e., "DUH-iz-um", I could not think of a more apt title.

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