What's the point of voting anymore?

Watch this video (h/t The Poor Man).

According to the WaPo, 80% of voters will be using electronic machines, not unlike that one (h/t Leiter Reports). Not all of them are manufactured by Diebold, but who knows how much of a difference that makes?

We are badly in need of electoral reform, of non-partisan elections with a uniform standard. Amazingly, the problems of 2000 have only gotten worse. In many cases, detecting vote tampering would be all but impossible. As a citizen and a voter, I feel powerless to do anything about this.

If we can't evict the scumbags who have usurped our system, what the hell can we do? If I were a hacker and politically connected, I'd try to devise a virus that would make the winner of every election "Donald Duck" or "Osama bin Laden" and install it in as many machines as possible, because that's the only way we'd ever be able to know if these machines were hacked. Many of them can be manipulated to steal elections without leaving a single trace, as the video clearly shows.

If the GOP weren't so intent on eviscerating the Constitution and turning the Middle East into a radioactive glass crater, this wouldn't be quite as pressing. But our nation is being run by madmen who need to be stopped. I am tired of trying to argue this point. By now, you either see how unscrupulous and un-American this administration and its disastrous policies are, or you never will.

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