A Triumphant Day for Reason

Two otherwise unrelated news stories today have given me hope that human beings can sometimes act other than irrationally:

Pluto is out of the planet club! In a striking blow for the principle of parsimony, the IAU has taken us back down to eight planets. Pluto with its highly irregular orbit is now a mere "dwarf planet".

Cheer up, Pluto fans. This doesn't necessarily mean that My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us... Nothing! Perhaps she served us Noodles instead.

And, the FDA has finally approved Plan B for sale without a prescription! That's right, the "morning after pill" will now be available OTC. This is truly a victory for female promiscuity! Let the immorality commence!

(I'm just poking fun at Ben, and other conservatives, here. Honestly, though, we should be compassionate. They're probably pretty torn up about this. The next thing you know, they'll be letting the little sluts get vaccines against HPV. What a shame that would be! Don't people realize that loose women deserve to die of ovarian cancer? I mean, really now, let's be reasonable here. [This is sarcasm.])

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