But enough about me...

...let's talk about what you think of me.

In all seriousness, I just want to get a sense of who my readers--if any--are and what they think.

How's my writing or ideas? Any suggestions for improvement? Am I saying anything of value?

I'd like this blog to be more discussion oriented, so I'd also be open to hearing issues of interest to people, particularly if said topics relate to areas of my relative proficiency.

In the least, I'd like to know who you are--and I'm speaking particularly to people who read this who I don't know personally. There's at least one known unknown--her comment is what actually motivated this post--but I'd prefer to pare down the number of unknown unknowns.

All I request is that you identify yourself; anything else is gravy.


Chris Parsons said...

I'm heading off to grad school in September, and have been casually browsing through this blog every now and again. My lack of familiarity with Spinoza usually prevents me from adding anything to the discussion; my focus is more along the lines of Habermas, Foucault, and Kant, and I just don't have the time to get through Spinoza to be conversant in it. I've found what you write generally interesting, though oftentimes you move quickly enough that it can be challenging to follow exactly what you're saying. This said, I'm guilty of the same damn thing, and it's a pain in the ass to have a completely fleshed out micro-essay, which anyone can follow. :P

specter_of_spinoza said...

Thanks, Chris.

Yeah, I know what you mean about moving quickly. Sometimes I think I'm writing things that will only really make sense to me.

Spinoza is a tough cookie, and I have a very non-standard reading of him, so don't fret too much about not following that stuff. Maybe in the future I'll say more about how I read him.

I wrote a seminar paper on Habermas and Foucault last year, on their different ideas of critique (I prefer the latter's) for a philosophy of language course. It's a shame Foucault died so young; they had just started a really interesting dialogue.

Anyway, I'll take your suggestions in mind, b/c sometimes moving quickly means I haven't thought something through well enough. Good luck w/ grad school and all that.

Steven said...

So now we have to check in that we are reading your blog? I have a suggestion: stop being so demanding! Just kidding. Actually, I love to read your posts and I actually feel inspired by what you do here from time to time and I think it shows up a little bit on my own blog. So, in short: rock on.

Melinda Mao said...

Hi... this is probably a really really ancient post I'm responding to. I'm nowhere as educated in philosophy as any of the people I see here, hope you don't mind me barging in. I'm actually an undergrad law student at Sydney Uni (presently exchanging in UK). I was just doing research on my dissertation and came upon your piece on sentiments of rationality, which I actually read ages ago for fun (it was available for free on encyclopaedia britannica)... anyway, I'm really thrilled to find someone who thinks the exact same way as me (only far, far more literate), well interesting insight on marriage/ divorce/ serial monogamy. I'm only just realising how much law and philosophy have in common. They are really the same thing! Just thought I would say hi and, possibly get to know the writer behind this awesome stuff. Since I don't have anything academic to contribute ^_^ I should probably go now! And yes you definitely say things of value, would love to see you keep up the good work.